Mandyy Thomas

CEO & Podcast Host
S2 E6: “Finding Financial Freedom w/ Mandyy Thomas”

Mandyy is the CEO of Intentionally Wealthy Coaching which is a financial coaching business. She’s also the podcast host of Intentionally Wealthy Coaching. She helps people who make good money, to solve their most expensive financial problems they’re struggling with and to overcome their money anxiety. By age 26 she had already saved $250k+. She overcame extreme anxiety around money and combines both the tangible and strategic with the holistic and emotional side of money. She empowers her clients to improve their finances so they have more options, opportunities and freedom in their life. She also helps entrepreneurs to be able to pay themselves from their business, have money set aside for taxes and to get ahead financially. 

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Erik Eff

Author & Senior Video Producer
S2 E4: “How to Talk to Kids About Trump”

Erik grew up in a rural community northwest of Chicago, IL. His mother was an avid horsewoman and Erik learned to ride and compete at an early age. When he was seven, his family moved to England where he spent the next four years completely immersed in British culture. After returning to the U.S., Erik became increasingly interested in film and theater. He took drama classes in high school and performed in several productions. He received a B.A. in English with a minor in Film Studies from Colorado College, and an M.F.A in Film and Television Production from the University of Southern California. He worked for over twenty years in Los Angeles as both a producer and an editor. In 2009, he moved to Austin, TX where he’s currently employed as a senior video producer for a software company. Pig With a Crown is Erik’s first book.  

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Dave Glaser

Sports Performance & Enneagram Coach
S2 E4: “Psychology, Personality and Modern Dating

Dave is a sports performance and Enneagram coach who is passionate about sharing the benefits of fitness, nutrition, and personal growth to improve mental health. After a couple break ups in 2017, he discovered that our relationships play a big role in our mental health and found the keys to self-awareness through understanding his “Challenger” personality type. Since that time, he has been educating others about their Enneagram personalities, attachment styles, and love languages on The Believe Be Real Be Bold podcast for authentic dating.  

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Jules Webber

Intimacy & Lifestyle Coach
S2 E3: “The Truth About Self-Love”

Jules is a Life Coach and Speaker, specializing in helping women create lasting intimacy by stepping into their relationships from their fullest sense of self-worth and authenticity. Trained as a relationship coach working in masculine & feminine energy, communication, and inner healing, Jules makes it possible for women to reclaim their energy and confidence from a grounded sense of their boundaries and personal joy. She is passionate about dismantling the conditioning around dated patriarchal roles in relationships, and does much of her teaching through her writing and community-building on social media.  

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Atiya Hasan

MD, Healthcare Consultant
S2 E2: “Parenting, Partnerships, & The Patriarchy”

Atiya Hasan comes from a breadth of experience that can be described as inter-disciplinary at best: healthcare, business, digital media. She is an MD who graduated from medical school in 2015. She is the former co-founder of and has years of experience in the digital media space aside from it. Her professional work is in healthcare consulting. She is a full-time working mom to 3 under 2 — twin boys and a 10-month-old daughter.  

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Zohaib Qadri

Regional Director, DigiDems
S2 E1: “What’s the Deal With Voting, Anyways?

Most recently, Zohaib worked as a Regional Organizing Director at Warren for President and as a Legislative Assistant for Texas State Representative Eric Johnson. He also currently serves on the boards of WiseUp TX, Emgage USA, Ten Thousand Villages, ADCT and Austin Muslim Democrats. He holds a Master’s Degree in Global Affairs from Rice University, a Master’s in Public Administration from Texas State University and a BA from The University of Texas at Austin. He currently lives in Texas, and can be found eating Whataburger while kayaking down Lady Bird Lake.

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